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The power of iron...

Updated: Jun 27

What is missing in your life? I needed Iron, do you need iron? Isn't it wild how your body can be missing something and it messes you up completely. It blows my mind how one thing can totally drain you and completely rob you. For weeks I felt so out of it that I often even felt like I was going to pass out...I had my final iron infusion this week. I feel like it is helping so much! I have a lot more energy now. I was starting to think the chemo was just kicking my butt! I think it was actually my lack of iron.

I remember the day that my oncologist and nurse explained to me that I was going to get a port. If you don't know "A Port" is an implant that they place in a vein so that your medical team can easily access your veins for I.V.'s. I remember them showing me a weird creepy sample of what it looked like. I don't like needles AT ALL... so it freaked me out to the point that I wanted to throw up. I had the worst experience during my procedure when they implanted it. It was terrible. So I thought for sure I was going to hate this thing!

It's been the opposite! It is my life line. It makes it so that I don't feel it if I have to have an IV. It is great because they just access my port and give me what my body needs, fluids meds and most recently iron. It made me think wouldn't it be great if you could just access your port and give your body what it is missing emotionally? The difference the iron made. made me start to think. What other things could be missing in my life that could be throwing me off? I feel like I am working my butt off to try to be positive daily and somehow negativity still finds ways to creep in. I wish there was some infusion I could get to fix it. Like, they just hook it up to my port and give me the power of positivity. The crazy thing about the port is, not just any nurse can access it. The times I have been in the hospital they have even brought student nurses to see my port. You have to be trained to access a port and even de-access it. It has to be flushed a certain way so that I don't end up with an infection in the port line.

So it got me thinking. Just like accessing the port you have to be trained in the art of fighting off anxious thoughts. And really it is not the port that gives you what you need. It is what you put in it!

It is the bag that the nurse attaches to the line hooked to the port....The fluids, the meds, the iron. So when it comes to fighting anxious thoughts you have to 1.) Access the port - Make the conscious decision to change the thoughts and behaviors. and 2.) Put in the meds - Reframe your thinking, speak positivity into your port or mind. Look for truth.

My mom used to say "You do good, you get good, You do bad, you get bad" I think it was her way of saying ...KARMA... that chick is real! But I think it could be said - You put in good, you get good. You put in bad you, you get bad. Loosing my hair and feeling like I am some shell of myself has been so hard on me. Through Pastor Craig's book that I shared about earlier I am learning to make some declarations to myself. They are sayings or mantras that you repeat to yourself to change your thinking in any situation.

I loved this one from Pastor Craig's book WINNING THE WAR IN YOUR MIND I am going to use this one when I am at my PET scan tomorrow:

God is for me, so CANCER can not be against me? My God is working all things for my

good. I am more than a conqueror through Jesus who loves me and gives me strength.

What good can you come up with to put in your IV bag this week?



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