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If I am being honest...

If I am being honest...

I was trying to think of how to share my journey and most of my thoughts start with .. If I am being honest... sometimes it is, If I am being honest I am doing great. Other times it is If I am being honest I am crippled with anxiety. Sometimes it is if I am being honest I am tired. I decided I will start an "If I am being honest" series. Today I think if I am being honest, I am lost. I am searching for what I should be doing. I am trying to figure out how God can use me.

I have stage 3 gastric cancer, and I don't want it to define me. But it is part of my story. I don't want it to be .. That's ALL though. I don't want to be the sick person, and I don't want it to be too late for me. Somedays I read of someone dying of cancer and I am overcome with anxiety. I want to run and hug my children and eat all the candy I can like it might be my last. I have been trying to figure out how I battle that anxiety. This last week a friend of mine posted a video of her son George and explained how he says you should do something everyday that makes you happy. That resonated with me so much. I kept thinking about it. I need to thank young George for inspiring me! I kept thinking what would happen if you did something everyday that made you happy? Now that could be something as simple as drinking a cup of coffee. I mean I love coffee. But what would happen if you took stock of those things? I decided young George is right! And I am going to take his advice. Today I put on this cute top my husband got me for Christmas and I thought this makes me happy!

I took off to work today and I often listen to books when I am driving. So, I started a new book I bought and man it was exactly what God intended for me to hear, read, or whatever you call audible. It is called "Why Bother, discover the desire for what's next" by Jennifer Louden. In chapter one she talks about "Why Bother" she says "Why bother insists you start listening to what you really want. This is not selfish, and it won’t make you a self-centered navel gazer; in fact, the exact opposite will happen, in time. Why bother is intimately connected to how you appreciate and value yourself and to the belief that your voice and desires matter, which allows you to connect and serve in renewed ways, if you desire." What followed in the book was GOLD... Pure Gold. So much so I bought the Why bother guided journal too. I highly recommend both! You can find them here:

The Book

The Journal

I hope that people will find ways to do something that makes you happy each day! Even if it is small, call it out name it .. Mmmm this coffee is so good, it makes me happy! I love the quote: Your life is as good as your mindset ... can you imagine how HAPPY life will be if we just have that mindset everyday?? Dude! Challenge accepted!

Focus On The Good!

~ Love, Albre


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