• Albre Davis

God gave me you..

The other day as I was writing a tribute to a friends birthday I thought you know what .. God gave me her! I started to think of all the ways God had used her in my life! For some reason that thought started to stick with me like a trending hashtag .. #godgavemeyou I keep looking at people in my life and it comes to mind.

I think it's as if the world gets more vibrant in someway when you are in a medical fight like I am. Small moments become more prominent!

We are doing our best to collect moments right now and we are lucky enough to be spending 5 days at our Uncle Jeff's & Aunt Jill's house. With the rest of my husbands family. There's been laughing and crying! It's been wonderful! ... there has been so many moments where I thought God gave me this!! I woke up the first morning to the view and thought today God gave me this

We were sitting on the deck talking and Ty came up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders and I thought God gave me him!

This has been such a sweet time for my soul! Lyla got to golf with her Dad, Papa, and Uncle. It was such a sweet thing. God gave us the Yakima Country Club

God is providing some really sweet moments moments for us. I love hearing my husband laugh and play! I pray today that God will give everyone moments and I pray he gives you the eyes to see that #godgavemethis



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