• Albre Davis

Dear, Lady at the gas station

Today I start chemo ...AGAIN.. You know that saying 3rd time is the charm... well, lets hope that it is the second time!

This morning as I prepared ... I had my bag all packed like I am moving into the chemo suite for the day... 6 hours goes by pretty slow! Ty was going to take me and when we got in his car he told me "I am in desperate need of gas!" I looked over and noticed that he had 1/4 of a tank - he is my son! Don't wait till it is TOO late! We drove up to the gas station and there was a car in front of us at the pump... it quickly drove off... WITH THE PUMP STILL ATTACHED TO THE CAR! Ty and I jumped into action and ran over to her and flagged her down. When she noticed what had happened she got out of her car with this shocked look on her face! .. we went back to Ty's car to get gas in his car and looked up to notice the lady walking sheepishly across the gas station with the pump in her hand and the gas tube dragging behind her... I burst out laughing! She proceeded to tell me and Ty that this had never happened to her, but it did happen to her girlfriend in 94' which only furthered my laughter... A gas station attendant came out of the gas station and proceeded to tell the gal, "It's ok this happens all the time!" ... Meanwhile I am just laughing hysterically at the whole situation. The lady was the sweetest... she did not care that I could not stop laughing at the situation. When we left I told Ty, God knew I needed a laugh this morning.... I wanted to thank the lady!... so here goes...

Dear Lady driving the gold Infinity QX50 at the gas station,

Thank you for giving me a reason to laugh on my way to chemo! God used you to make me smile on a day that I was extremely nervous! God used your situation to remind me that it is ok to laugh in smile in the ugliest of situations. Thank you for not getting mad at my uncontrollable laughing! Thanks for reminding me to live in every moment no matter how small! ...I will giggle every time I pass that gas station!




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