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Changing my mind ...

Have you ever had a sermon bring you to tears? I don't know about you but one of the best things that happened for me during COVID is church online. On any given Sunday I can watch several of my favorite pastors! Life City Denver is my home away from my actual home... I love tuning into their church. Or I love tuning into my College Church family right down the street! It is fun to text Pastor Ryan at College Church all of my commentaries on his outfits! It is a good thing he loves me!... The last couple of weeks I have tuned into Life City because I was invited to partake in a small group that is going through Pastor Craig Groeschel's new book Winning The War in Your Mind . IT IS SOOOO GOOD!!! It is exactly what I needed at exactly the right time!

I highly recommend it! ..... GO buy it!

I can't tell you how this book and the leader of this small group have helped me to center my thoughts on God and not anxiety. Anyway, I was watching the sermon for this week with Pastor Craig talking about reframing your thinking. Part of me was thinking "ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I should get royalties... focus on the positive is MY THING!" ... Instead I burst into tears and cried through the whole sermon! Because I needed the tool of reframing ... as Pastor Craig talked about reframing is creating a different way of looing at a situation or relationship by changing the meaning.... It is a different way of looking at something. For example if you frame your day ...This is going to stink it will be so busy! My job is so challenging I hate it! The Cancer is going to come back! .. Then of course you are going to have a bad day because you have framed it that way! But if you frame your day in the right way... Today is going to be busy but I am so thankful God is with me, I am thankful I have a job that is stretching me! My God fights for my health! And I have the best healthcare team! I can't control what happens to me but I can control how I frame it! FOCUS on the POSITIVE! Reframe it! I think for me I have just been trying to find positives in each day... I love this coffee, I like my new outfit .. but I have not learned the art of reframing my thinking.

I thought the sermon was really moving me ... until Pastor Craig read this verse:

Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel. Philippians 1:12

WOW! then I really started crying! I really believe that God is going to use my battle to advance the gospel. So that powerful verse hit home! ... Pastor Craig went on to share 3 tips for reframing your thinking... I am going to share with you one of them!


Guys! This Control Freak is terrible at this one!! Not too long after Ty got his license he left the house to go to a friends. He said good bye and walked out to the garage... moments later we heard a loud bang! ... I looked at Matt wide eyed and said WHAT WAS THAT! I ran to the garage to see Ty's car half in the garage and the garage door hanging by a thread! Ty explained that he was backing out and the garage wasn't open all the way yet so he backed into it... Y'all, I LOST MY MIND!! I FREAKED ... Looking back at it now I just have to laugh! I was shouting at Ty for not opening the garage all the way... I was telling him, there goes your Christmas! Matt shoved me back into the house and pieced back together the garage! It is a good thing my husband is handy!! It is just one of the times I can think of that I completely failed to thank God for what didn't happen! Ty wasn't hurt, he didn't do enough damage that Matt couldn't fix it with a few tools. I didn't have to call my insurance guy! I don't know if you have ever had that happen, but it helped me to recall this MIND LOST moment. And even in my health journey I can thank God that I haven't had digestive challenges that I could have had. I thank God that even in a COVID world where I can't have my husband at my appointments I NEVER feel alone thanks to friends and nurses!

If you want to hear pastor Craig's 2 other tips for reframing your thinking here is the sermon:

It is so good...

I have been nervous that I have a PET scan on March 8th. It will be one year since I was told I have cancer on March 9th. On March 11th I see my oncologist to go over the results of that scan. I am excited to say Matt will officially be able to go with me to that appointment and meet my oncologist for the very first time! Thank you God.

I challenge you to reframe your thinking and focus on the positive this week!

Love, Albre


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