• Albre Davis

Celebrating the dark days:

I drove past a sign the other day that said “If you have a favorite antacid, you might be OLD” I almost pulled over and went inside to tell them my story. It was a hardware store so, I was not sure they would totally appreciate the gesture - I refrained. But If you have a favorite antacid you might have something wrong! Please don’t ignore it! It was one year ago today that I called my husband and said I need to go to the E.R. I was laying on our living room floor with terrible stomach pains. It felt like I has swallowed a rock, and I had barely had anything to eat. As a matter of fact, I had barely eaten for weeks! I was living on Antacids! This is a picture of my favorite kind! I carried it in my purse and had a bottle at home. I was drinking Pepto straight from the bottle. You know the little cup they provide? Yeah, I would throw that away and pop the bottle open and chug just like it was my favorite drink. It was the only thing that would provide me relief from the overwhelming heart burn and terrible feeling in my stomach. And embarrassingly enough it was the only thing that would stop the constant gross belching.

That trip to the E.R. started the dominos to fall. I was put on a liquid diet and referred to a Gastroenterologist. I was on a liquid/soft diet from January 26th to March 22nd! Which is why #prayersandicecream was born. My incredible support system started a hashtag and posted pictures of themselves eating ice cream and praying for me! Since I was mostly living on Ice Cream.

I met the most amazing team at Idaho Gastroenterology, Dr. Waite was my G.I. doctor. We made such a good connection. I could tell that when she called me on March 9th, 2020 that it was just as hard for her to deliver the news as it was for me to hear it. I am not big on celebrating negative days. I am not one to mark the day someone died and remember it or anything like that. But if you know me at all you know that I LOVE a good celebration! I whole heartedly believe in celebrating people. As I look back at this last year, I think I just need to celebrate the newness that God brought at each milestone. I cannot believe how far I have come and what I went through this last year! I am thankful for that night in the E.R. because it put me on the road to recovery. So, today I celebrate listening to my body. I celebrate God placing good medical personnel in my path. I celebrate the newness that God delivered. I celebrate a completely different outlook on life! Cheers January 26th, I am thankful for where you brought me! Tonight I get to see my son perform on stage! I had told myself I would be sitting in the audience watching him do what he loves best! Here's to many more opportunities like this! If you feel like something is not right, I encourage you to listen to your body.. follow your gut! (hahaha pun intended!) Ask questions - get answers! But as always...

Remember to focus on the good! Love, Albre


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