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Life is too short to wear boring clothes!

Sometimes seasons change when you least expect it! And you realize life is too short to wear boring clothes.

My name is Albre (ALL-BRE) on March 9, 2020 I was driving down the freeway in my new car when my phone rang. I knew it was a risk to answer that call while driving but I had to know. My doc could tell I was driving and told me to pull over! It was 12 days before my 40th birthday and I had just bought myself a new fancy sports car! I felt so cool, I felt young and vibrant! I had gorgeous long brown hair that hung in curls down the middle of my back. And now I was being told I have stage 3 gastric cancer.

...Pull Over

I still can't believe I didn't pull over that day!

Because the tumor was blocking the path from my stomach to intestines they sent me to a surgeon right away! I had already gone a month without being able to eat any solids. God moved fast! There was a cancelation with the surgeon and 11 days later I went in for what we thought would be a partial gastrectomy... after 8 hours in surgery I woke up to discover I had a full whipple procedure. because it had spread to my pancreas, and intestines. And the cancer was still in the bile duct of my liver. I had 8 rounds of chemo, 30 rounds of radiation (we call it rad ) ..After Thanksgiving I'm starting oral chemo until I can get my next PET scan - I can't have a CT because I'm allergic to IV contrast. I still can't believe I didn't pull over that day! It's amazing I didn't get pulled over I wanted to drive to my husband as fast as I could! I love this group! I feel such a positive energy from all of you!!! And I'm learning so much! I have so many new questions for my doctors

Whipple Procedures:

A whipple is where the remove part of your stomach, pancreas and intestines'. It is a really complicated procedure.

And even after that procedure I found out the cancer was still in the bile duct of my liver. I went through 8 rounds of FLOT chemo, a really intense chemo that knocks you down! Some days I didn't think I would survive it. After my 8 rounds of chemo I went on to 30 rounds of radiation (we started calling it RAD at our house) I am on oral chemo now after a promising CT scan. CT scans are very limited for me since I am allergic to the dye they inject into you. In February I will have a more extensive PET scan to get a closer look at where we are.

I continue to raise a hallelujah and I thank God for where I am and the ability to share how I found confidence even when it felt like it was all being stripped away.


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