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Hi! I’m Albre,

A want to be Joy blogger! 

I am Albre a wife, a mom, a daughter, a friend. My season changed drastically when I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer just before my 40th birthday. Through my journey I started to write and share my experiences and people kept encouraging me to do more. So that brings me here. I am living each day with Stage 3 gastric cancer on my mind. As of June, 2020 I have experienced a reoccurrence of the cancer and continue to fight for my life through chemo treatments.  I love Jesus my family and friends.  I have seen the power of positivity work in my life. I think it is imperative to healing so I will continue to raise a hallelujah every day.


 I love to share about my life, style, beauty, and joy. Specifically the joy that comes from trusting God. And the joy that comes from focusing on the good and how a mindset can change your whole world. Sometimes that might be funny, sometimes that might be crazy, but I promise that it will always be honest. It is my prayer that every person who finds themselves here will go away more encouraged and more filled than they did when the arrived on this page. 

 My season may look different than I dreamed but I believe God will bless it. 

                                                       Focus on the Good!